About Us

Wanitto Hair Braiding is a company that will open a braiding salon in Waldorf, MD. Wanitto Hair Braiding will offer all sort of styles for adults and kids in a safe and welcoming atmosphere. A service that will be more than just a hair braid, but a relaxing experience for the customers to enjoy.

The founder of this company has conducted a market research on several aspects like services, pricing, revenue generation, SWOT analysis and marketing plan. This business plan will undergo all the above-mentioned aspects.

The plan compares 5 competitive critical factors such as Quality Customer Service, Location, Favorable Image and Good Reputation, Specialty Promotions and Discounts and Good Prices to provide a broad understanding of the competing business environment. This document presents the results of the evaluation, as well as the graphical charts that illustrate the overall position of Wanitto Hair Braiding among its primary competitors.

Management Team

A strong management team is vital to business success. The management team of Wanitto Hair Braiding will be integrated by:

–  Chantal -Owner Operator (7 Years of experience in the area of Braids Design) Chantal has been a successful braid stylist, she worked for seven years in Cameroon where she mastered the art and techniques for braiding. Chantal has 11 years of experience doing hair. Chantal is a very proactive individual who has started this venture with optimism and hard work, Chantal has made great sacrifices to save a capital to become an entrepreneur and follow her own dream.

Company Mission

Our mission is to provide high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent braiding services, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price and value relationship. We want to make our clients look the best so they can come again and again to enjoy for a relaxing time while their hair is being cared for.

Business Objectives

Wanitto Hair Braiding has defined several objectives to support their company mission:

To become the preferred Braiding Shop in Waldorf Md.

To increase brand awareness among the residents in the surrounding area

inform target audience about features and benefits of braiding and its competitive advantage compared to other techniques
To create an enjoyable company to work for

To be an active and vocal member of the community, to sponsor at least one or more events during the year

To take advantage of founder expertise as braider and employ his seven years of dynamic experience along with skills in conveying an excellent service

Demonstrate respect for all people regardless of culture and socioeconomic background

Establish a good rapport with local communities through superior customer service through consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of customers