Products and Services

Wanitto Hair Braiding will offer the following products and services:

  • Goddess Braid all styles of Conrows
  • Box Braid
  • Kinking Twist
  • Mico Braid
  • Spring Twist
  • Closure & Weave
  • Goddess LOC
  • Senegalese Twist
  • Marly Braid
  • Fluffy Twist
  • Weave
  • Crochet

Anything from $100 & up has a $10 discount

Other Services

Corn RowsMicro BraidsTwists Style
Box BraidsKids BraidsWeave
Wigs (fabricated in house)Closure WigsFrontal Wigs

Why Wanitto

There are many factors determining the key success factors of a Service, whose organization structures, governance and technology have become more and more complicated, however top companies need to master at least a small set of critical factors. Factors such as money, manpower, time, management efforts, etc. need to be carefully aligned. With that goal in mind, Wanitto Hair Braiding has identified the following key success factors which are the most likely to yield a maximize competitiveness:

  • we have a loyal customer base because they have found high quality in our products and reasonable prices
  • the owner and employees have a solid experience in the art
  • convenient and easily accessible location
  • consistent fulfillment of the client’s expectations
  • communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal
  • interaction and marketing campaigns
  • we have strong ethical values and an ethical mission statement